Sunday Sorbet : Breaking Through Writers’ Bloc

Deborah King -  Eichholz


With everything happening, locally and nationally, I thought writing would be a snap. I am still somewhat fogged in, but fortunately, on Sunday I have always taken a break from politics / government / controversy and the usual subjects I love to discuss. It’s usually my time to ” jot down ” random thoughts and personal messages.

This week, I had a slight jolt, but a good jolt. My nieces’ daughter, Abby, joined the Facebook community and ” friended ” her old aunty. Suddenly, I became very aware that she would be reading my thoughts, my interests and my ideas – which is terrific, but she is still a bit too young for full on Beaver mode. That’s the thing about kids…they will make you think twice about what you instill and how you tackle the world, because kids so pay attention. Swearing to ” dial down the crazy ” and to be a positive influence, I now think twice before I post almost everything on The Book. The usual list of nieces are old enough to handle a full tilt boogie Aunt Deb, so I assume they think I’ve gone nuts. An almost given, considering some of my past posts and blogs. For them, The Beaver is still here. When Abby is older, she’ll meet The Beaver and I hope she will ” get it, ” as do my other nieces. I’m sure she will…she’s bright, witty and even has a terrific sense of ” cool,” even at a young age. I know I’ll be a better aunt this time around.

Muncie has been embroiled in two burning issues lately, on which I will not comment today, except to say some debates about the issues have become more targeted to personal attacks, than the issues at hand. I find that both sad and sickening. There’s alot at stake and way too much smoke and mirrors. Please, avoid the attacks and dig into the information made readily available by sources known to be thorough and forthcoming.

Soon, I am to be graced with the presence of an old friend, perhaps my oldest and dearest friend – Murph. It’s been awhile since we’ve had a visit and life has changed for both of us in those years, although the core of the relationship is as it always has been – love, respect and admiration. I’ve no idea what we will do, but one thing will be endless conversations and those hugs we always share. Some people believe women cannot support a long friendship for a myriad of reasons and that’s not true…not always. Over 50 years and counting, for me and Murph and it will continue as long as we breathe, of that I am sure. It’s endured distance, time, bad wine and even chopped liver.

This week, I felt well enough to ” get social ” and am I ever happy. Sometimes, you have to push through a bad day here and there to get to where you need to be, you want to be. I did attend the Delaware County Sheriff Reserves Dinner and fundraiser. A great evening for a great cause. One speaker said it best – these guys do the job, without pay, buying their own equipment and always under the same threats and dangers as full-time law enforcement officers. I would make one suggestion – Mark Conatser, if your company donates another furnace, promise to install it ” shirtless ” and I’ll bet the bids will go through the roof. I may or may not be joking. Really.

The second, was a bridal shower in honor of the upcoming nuptials of Amy Forshee Fisher and Jeremy Newton. Usually, I avoid those like the plague, for some reason. However, I have a deep love and respect for Amy and wished to see her enjoy an evening filled with love and happiness. I was not disappointed. As I watched her face throughout the evening, I thought how far she had come since I first met her and I was happy to see her beautiful smile radiate a room, filled with other ladies who were there with joy and laughter. Sometimes, life comes at you pretty fast and not always as you would hope, but life has smiled on Amy and her two children at long last.

The Humira Update…it seems to be working, according to my labs, thank goodness. I don’t mind the jabs, because it’s a small pinch for a big job and that’s a small price to pay. I have a first-rate Rheumy, who listens to me and who also doesn’t take any guff from me and I am no day at the beach, even under the best of circumstances. I’ve even started moving my furniture around again. OK, it takes me longer than it once did, but when I am on tp of my game, I get moving.

When I was diagnosed, they gave me ” Nine years, tops. ” Seriously. I am at 9 1/2 years in and still fighting. I just wish I could wear nicer shoes !